Personal Training

These are business attributes that I strive to uphold with clients to foster a sound relationship and professional exercise experience.

  • Schedule an initial meeting apart from the workout to discuss current and past attempts with exercise, discover potential roadblocks, and deliver an exercise solution to the client. The solutions should be aimed at 1. Results, 2. Safety, and 3. Lasting success.
  • Maintain a clean facility with top commercial brand equipment for a comfortable and professional workout environment.
  • Propose and create an exercise process of strength and longevity rather than a program of routine exercises and short-term goals being clear about the expectations required.
  • Strategically construct workouts with purpose and direction that are progressed appropriately rather than a bunch of random exercises slapped together haphazardly.

A Deeper Dive….Orthopaedics & Physics Matter!

  • Regardless of the workout direction, it always involves two things: Joints & Forces.
  • The words force, resistance, joints, time, range of motion, control, and effort should enter the workout conversation in every workout.
  • Construct exercises from a mechanical perspective, explain the components and details of each exercise prior to client execution, cue and analyze client performance, adjust and relay pertinent information following each set.

Workout Construction: Foster client understanding of the factors that comprise each exercise being assigned:

    • Executing exercises successfully involves (basic) client understanding of their individual structure and current ability.
    • Patience and Progression: Rome wasn’t built in a day! Explain that current joint tolerances can affect ranges of motion and internal force generating capabilities.
    • Orchestration: What did the set look like? Did everything involved contributing correctly and precisely? Fluid and symmetrical motion?
    • Slight manipulation in an exercise can have major outcomes, (good or bad,) on muscle recruitment, (or inhibition), joint integrity, and neurological availability/output. Vary exercises appropriatally and strategically!
    • Progress each workout appropriatally and strategically. Nudge the needle!

Are Personal Training and Coaching the same thing?

Although training and instruction may seem to be the same, they are not. Growth of large group exercise class facilities over the past 20 years, (CrossFit, Bootcamps, other minimalist exercise routines, etc.), have diminished the quality of the Exercise Professional to the point where a weekend certification, (if  at all), has given license to provide workouts of high-intensity and  adhere to a ‘Just do it’ — ‘More is Better’ type of training methodology. A recipe for injury. Disregard of the participant’s mechanics, forces, and joints involved, especially in a large class setting, these problems are amplified.

State of the Fitness Industry Article:

Education Matters! Career Matters! Mastery Matters! Value Matters!