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Your body is the most important thing that you own. Deciding who should guide you in exercise is not only important but complicated. With so many choices nowadays, what is your best path to fitness and longevity?

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Combine my series of daily health, exercise, and lifestyle habits across six pillars, to facilitate muscle maintenance, bodily regeneration, injury prevention, and improved physical/mental performance.

Clients At Work

What Our Clients Say

Marilyn E

I’ve been training 3 times a week with Bill for 22 years! In that time I’ve never been injured with any exercise. His workouts are personalized and well thought out. Bill knows every muscle in the body, where it connects and how to train it. His nutritional knowledge and guidance is second only to his anatomical and muscular knowledge.

Julie F

As I age I want to ensure I can stay fit, avoid injury and keep moving. Fitness Alliance checks all the boxes for my fitness goals and helps me stay accountable to myself. The tight knit socially network is icing on the cake for me.

Jason S

One of the things I appreciate most about Bill is his his attention to detail around health-span. He understands that fitness is more than just looking good. It’s about living a strong, healthy, and mobile life. He has helped me develop a plan that is tailored to my individual needs and goals. I have worked with several trainers and he is a pro and several steps above the pack.

Anne K

Bill has been my personal trainer for over 10 years. He is very knowledgeable, organized and encouraging. He is committed to helping each client improve their fitness and overall health. I look forward to going to the gym!

Mindy L

I have worked out with Bill Leavitt for over 20 years. It’s been great having someone that you completely trust having your health and best interest at heart. Bill is constantly studying to make sure his clients can achieve their best results and stay injury-free.

Kevin O

I’ve been group training with Bill for more than two years.  He’s always prepared with an appropriately intense workout and is focused on ensuring that I exercise with the correct form. The Fitness Alliance facility is well maintained, and the equipment is top notch.

DyAnn S

Fitness Alliance is a friendly, fun & clean gym. No make-up required!

Bill Leavitt is a knowledgeable & excellent trainer, evidenced by my 15 years of training with him.

Ryan S

I’ve been training with Bill for three years now and believe he is one of the most experienced and dedicated trainers around. His easy-going personality creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes workouts fun, although challenging.

I highly recommend Bill to anyone who is looking for a committed trainer that will push you to meet your personal fitness goals!

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